Backstage by RAPHAEL SOYER




came to the United States when he was ten years old,

having been born in Tombov, Russia, in 1899. The lad was gifted, and

when he was old enough went to the Art Students’ League for instruction,

meanwhile supporting himself by selling newspapers and working in factories.


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Recognition came to him early, and a number of his paintings hang in

important American galleries, including the Metropolitan and Whitney, in New York,

as well as in various private collections. His two brothers, Isaac and Moses,

are also talented artists. Sayer illustrates phases of New York life,

and maintains his studio in the heart of the colorful Fourteenth Street district.

is one of several lithographs Soyer has devoted to the stage.

Though a pleasing enough composition, and interesting for the artist’s

dramatic disposition of light and shadow, it is notable primarily for the intense emotion that permeates it.

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