ARNOLD BLANCH,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Along the Hudson BY ARNOLD BLANCH

Along the Hudson BY ARNOLD BLANCH

Along the Hudson BY ARNOLD BLANCH BY


AND LUCILE, his equally famed painter wife, have their home at

Woodstock, midway between New York and Albany. The river, woodlands, and farms

of the surrounding countryside are old friends, though Mrs. Blanch is

not as interested in landscape as her husband.

is a remarkably auractive lithograph, with its long

views way to the other side of the Hudson, the river islands, and the

opulent farmlands in the middle distance and foreground.


The reaper is at its work, depositing little heaps of grain,

and there is a fine, primly disposed apple orchard on the left.

A more conventional artist would have disclaimed, and deleted,

the feather-duster tree in the foreground rather than cut his cornposition into two parts.

Here the result excuses the bold device: the otherwise rather blonde and

empty foreground gets needed weight and interest. The richness and variety of this scene is in

sharp contrast to the artist’s well-known New England landscapes.

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